Unusual Suspects At Revolt

30 Jun 2012

Unusual Suspects. Photo by Frenchie.

Revolt probably had more impact on us than any other creative entity. It was a massive modular warehouse art space that took over the entire bottom level of a 100 year old Wool factory in Kensington. It was a true creative playground with a cinema, ballroom, massive loading dock, years of theatre decor, and an epic steampunk main room with steel beams rising to the roof.

We heard they weren’t keen on electronic events, so we decided it would best to speak their language and pitch a more theatrical event, a crime themed party named ‘Unusual Suspects’.

They loved the concept, and on the day of the gig after helping us set up all day long, they told us to go home and get some rest, while they stayed up till late morning finishing the set design. We arrived the next morning and the place was transformed.

Unfortunately they also had double booked a theatre show finale that night, so later in the evening we had to usher in a formal crowd through the second dance-floor for the closing night of the theatre show. Literally the moment the last track finished on the second stage, the play began in the theatre room. We ushered everyone to the main room, closed the main doors, and Spoonbill brought it home.

They loved how we dealt with this situation, and our event, and this started an awesome relationship between Revolt and Culture Jam which got stronger and stronger. The founder, Ryan, is still a core part of Culture Jam.

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