We believe art is a two way experience and a culture of theatrical participation
is key to any good Culture Jam.

We pick the theme, but you set the scene. This can include costumes to match
our set design, ideas and skits to bring spaces to life, and gifts to create
awesome moments for others.

We are truly grateful for how strong this participation is at our events.


We believe fantasy doesn’t just have to be an escape but can create tangible
change both in the people who participate and for those outside of this.

A lot of the experiences at our events are designed to explore important
social issues in fun and accessible ways and help people embody solutions.

Our larger vision is to use theatrics to raise money for and have tangible
effects on the disadvantaged. Over the years we have used themes to raise
money for Sea Shepherd, Asylum Resource Centre, Sleeping Bags for
Homeless, CFA and more.

Growing this ethos over coming years is one of our key goals.


We truly believe in fostering a healthy and sustainable community.

Good food, sleep, self-care, and connection are key. Making choices that
are good for the soul and fill up your cup naturally.

We want you walking away from our events feeling better than you did when
you arrived and the energy you see at the end of each event shows that this
ethos really does come to life.



We aim to achieve as minimal environmental impact as possible, as well as
achieving sustainable community site and other relations.

We work with very special sites and respect and a healthy culture is
fundamental to keeping the relationship strong and ongoing.

Environmentally, we avoid waste and recycle a huge amount of our decor
from theatre sets and used-materials.

At the events we aim for minimal waste, sustainable food and to create a culture of creativity over consumption. The events are also ‘Leaf No Trace’.

We want to keep doing this forever and to do so remains an ongoing team
and community effort.



We truly love having kids and families at our outdoor events.

Children’s natural language of creativity, play and wonder are the exact
qualities we aim to bring out in adults.

Our events are respectful community spaces and we ask you to always act in
a way which is positive for children and helps create a safe, nurturing, and
fun environment.



We always aim to tap into natural feelings of wonder, creativity and a strong
inner child. We believe that when these cups are full, the desire to escape
through consumption is seriously reduced.

In every way possible, we promote a strong culture of connectivity and
participation, and creating a naturally stimulating environment.

We believe the festival scene should be a true healthy alternative to society
and not mirroring its more destructive traits of blind escapism
and consumption.




Conflict is something that will arise in any environment, both personally and
between people.

We aim to make our events spaces where things can be worked out
peacefully, with a diplomatic and compassionate approach
wherever possible.

While there are some behaviors that will not be tolerated such as violence
and sexual assault, the approach will always aim to be stern but non aggressive,
and with a degree of compassion to encourage learning and growth.

Authorities will be called upon where necessary, and the safety of our crowd
will always come first.

We work closely with an amazing safety providers to ensure that situations
are always dealt with respectfully and ensure that care is the first
priority. On a personal level we ask you to consider using our events to find
peace in ongoing conflicts, while also knowing we are always here to help
when needed.



Play stops us taking ourselves too seriously and by stepping into a fantasy
world, many ideas of self and social expectation quickly fade away.

The interactions at our events are still very genuine and we believe this
realness can be maintained even when playing out complete absurdity.

This perfect balance is what we aim to capture at our events, replacing status
and ego with playfulness and characters.

We are truly grateful for how strong this participation is at our events.


On a communication and respect level, all our crew and volunteers are
treated as equals.

Our events are environments where input is always welcomed and where we
all work towards the end product as one.

While there are times when clear decisions and directions are made by managers, it is always done with the greater vision in mind, and being bossy is seriously discouraged.

We are very grateful for the huge amount of people who put energy in to make
our events, and they are all vital pieces of the puzzle.

We ask that on ground level, ego is avoided and everyone treats all they meet with equal respect.


See you at the next jam <3