The World Beyond

01 Jun 2013

Interrogations on entry. Photo by Francesco Vicenzi.

The seed was planted in 2012 when one of the original crew joked that it would be cool to throw an end of the world party. This was in response to the common narrative in the party scene that the Mayans had predicted the end of the world for 2012.

We were also getting inspiration from Secret Cinema in the UK, who were bringing movies to life through immersive experiences. Revolt was the perfect venue and had a lot of decor on theme. These factors combined saw us commit to an immersive post apocalyptic event, with a political narrative around how the world had got to this point.

We filmed a promo video that involved a post apocalyptic gang fighting New World Order cops. It was done in the drains off the Flemington Freeway exit and a number of cars must have thought it was real, with the actual cops soon arriving with pepper spray in hand. Funnily enough we were sitting down having an innocent afternoon tea break at that time, and after explaining we were beating up hippies in the video, they seemed to relax.

We spent days and sleepless nights building an immersive city of ruins; fuelled only by creativity, coffee and excitement. We had advertised ‘clothing of the old world is not welcomed and may be met with interrogation’ and this saw nearly all the crowd come in epic costumes. We convinced security to dress as militia, and before letting people in they were all sent to an interrogation booth.

The event led to three more World Beyonds, and opened up a new chapter for immersive events in Melbourne.

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