The Town Was Born

05 Apr 2015

The first post office at The Town!

The idea for The Town came after attending an event at a caravan park and thinking how cool it would be if we actually got to take over all the little houses onsite. This and having full access to all of Revolt’s decor made it a dream we just had to bring into fruition.

The site was technically not allowed planning permits for events, but the council helped us find a loophole called ‘The Carnival Code’ which is flexible based on the fact that carnies are always moving and don’t like bureaucracy. Technically, the first Town was a carnival.

Without even realising, the date we chose fell on a full moon, which synchronistically happened on a number of our events at the time. We then realised it wasn’t just a full moon, but a total lunar eclipse.

However amongst other challenges, the site owner only had given us 2 days to set-up due to a school group being on-site. He then reduced this to 1 day on the week of the event, a near impossible feat. We literally arrived onsite at midday with the gates opening the next morning at 9am. We worked hard and while it seemed impossible it could even happen, hope was never given up. The van bringing the screws broke down and we had no screws on site until sunrise the day of the gig. it was at the point that branches from the forest was being grabbed to complete decor pieces. Then at 8am, the council representative came to inspect to inspect, and we were no where near ready! After a very wordy site walk, and by some kind of miracle, we were given our POPE permit. At this point it was clear anything was possible, and this was going to happen!

We roped off the main area until later in the afternoon, telling everyone to chill at their camps, and built and built as fast as we could. It was 90 percent there by Friday night, which felt like a dream with lush chill music playing and beautiful lighting and vibes. The cops visited that night and everything that happened in front of us on the site walk was like a perfect movie script, with kids frolicking past and security helping people with directions. It would not have been out of character for Bambi to stroll past at that point, the universe was just dishing it out. They were seriously impressed and entranced by the event. They asked to see the bar but the organiser had left his shoes somewhere and couldn’t go in bare foot, but at that exact moment someone arrived with them in hand. We walked in and offered to show the Sergeant the liquor license, to which he replied.

‘you know what mate, you walk into a place, and you just know’.

The organiser replied ‘We can show you though, it’s right here’

‘The officer just reasserted ‘You just know’.

Another officer visited on Saturday and said she was coming back next year but as an attendee.

By Saturday evening we had finally finished all the little decor extras, like adding a giant spout and handle to the tea kettle dome that blew smoke with the press of a button. Saturday night saw the moon-rise directly above the main-stage, and like magic, just when it got over the top, the lunar eclipse happened.

It was completely unplanned and during our headliner JFB. It seemed to last forever, oscillating in and out of a beautiful blood red circle over the moon. The theatrics were on point, people BYO’d mailboxes, and the places was left spotless.

Something beautiful had been born and each year the ship got tighter and the culture of The Town grew stronger and stronger.

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