The Steampunk Car

31 Aug 2015

The organiser had an old car acquired from his Grandparents that he was about to sell, but with the World Beyond coming up, we thought it would be great to turn it into a steampunk mobile.

We got local artist Akurst to paint it, the crew at Norm Warehouse to chop off the roof, add metal bars, and install recycled metal Shisha parts we had got from a closed down festival store.

We got a friend to bring it to the venue on a car trailer, and it was an epic immersive installation for the event that people could get inside, right in the middle of the loading dock/smoking area.

Come the end of pack-down though we didn’t have the means to get it picked up, so were left only with the option to drive this steampunk convertible from Revolt Art-space all the way to it’s new home in Alphington. It was 3am and we took every back street possible along the way to arrive safely at a warehouse behind the Darebin council depot. It was such a nerve racking drive as this thing was certainly not roadworthy, and stood out so much. However…

Mission succesful.

The original car.

Akurst at work on the paint job.

Soldering at The Makers Lab.

The end product, at The World Beyond – Symbiosis.


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