The Red Dragon + Dan’s Barn

03 May 2019

Red Dragon Express Train. Photo by Birthmark Photography.

Red Dragon Express Train. Photo by Birthmark Photography.

It’s important when looking back to acknowledge those who are no longer with us, at least not in physical form.

This year saw someone very close to the crew pass away days before the festival, and one of Licola’s team pass away shortly after the festival. They were both beaten or being beaten by Cancer, and in their honour we named our stages after them.

The Red Dragon Express was the main stage train, named after a good friend Adam, who was there with us building the first Town, and was the only person with coffee on site! That Town he set up a pillow fighting pole, and the year after he hosted an awesome renegade party from the back of his truck with the Dub Princess Band.

He was a big inspiration to all of us, and the Saturday morning saw our friend Talll Paul play a piano tribute set which can be heard here.

We had met Dan, who passed away a few months later, at the first Town at Licola. He loved The Town and the life it brought to his home there. The first year we asked if we could drive a car onto a cabin balcony and he climbed under it to assess. He came out covered in dirt and cobwebs, to which the organiser said ‘maybe this isn’t a good idea’. From that moment on he dubbed the organiser ‘butterfly’ for his fleeting decisions. As always it was said with a cheeky smile and laugh that defined him.

R.I.P to these two beautiful legends, and may their spirits shine on. Life is short, and we host this events to celebrate the time we have and bring beautiful people together.

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