The First Stacks On!

12 Jan 2011

Hula Hoop Competition at Stacks On.

The first track ever played at an outdoor Culture Jam event was Haddaway’s ‘What is love’, played by ‘Yo Mama’ who wanted to start the day off absurdly.

At the time the venue, Ceres Environment Park, was dealing with backlash from neighbours who were petitioning against events. Things were sensitive and heavy electronic music was very high on the list of concerns.

Due to this we pitched an event that was family friendly, had breaks in the music for circus performances and games like tug of war, and had music that was social and diverse. It was a really nice little community gathering, that led to another 8 years and growing into a super fun and creative day event on the calendar that had up to 1500 people.

Being young and foolish, the organisers’ system of money handling at the time involved keeping it in his cargo pants pockets, and may have ended the night having a money fight with his girlfriend at a 711 after the gig.

We also lost $1500 on the bar, and after a week of confusion, a worker said they had found an envelope in their bag. It was suss, but helped shaped our ethos of trust and seeing the best in people when dealing with these kinds of matters.

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