Pirate Radio in the storm

16 Oct 2016

Pirate Radio flier by AKURST.

Pirate Radio saw us head off into the seas on the Lady Cutler. We looked into actually setting it up as a real Pirate Radio and broadcasting the music, before finding out the fines were ridiculously huge. The gig sold and and we all boarded the ship and almost instantly an epic storm hit! It added to the theme perfectly, and the inside was packed and cosy due to outside being torrential rain.

We’d set up the joint with barrels, treasure chests and rope, and the ship was 2 story and had some cool little nooks and crannies. Amazingly, a week early we met someone who sent us on a treasure hunt to find a bunch of treasure chests they made years ago for their Nerf event. They even drew us a proper treasure map through Reservoir to find it. We ended up at a mechanic who specialised in vintage cars and they sent us down a trapdoor into the basement where dozens of them were being kept. Another perfect Culture Jam moment where fantasy and fiction meet.

We were donating a portion of profits to the Sea Shepherd, so at one point they rode along past us and were setting off their ships horns, which our ship started doing too. At the time Reuben Stone was playing and the sound of his Trombone was swirling around with all the ship horns. It was an epic auditory moment, as the storm raged around us.

We still have the awesome pirate flag we hoisted up on the day, custom made by local artist Tobias Miller, and we also managed to raise over 1000 dollars for Sea Shepherd.

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