No jab no play! (Psytrance Vaccinations)

13 Jan 2018

Town Postcard. 2018.

Up until this year we never had any psytrance at The Town. We didn’t feel it fitted into the vibe of the festival or would work with our neighbours and community stakeholders.

To play on this fact, we thought it would be hilarious to do mandatory vaccinations against Psytrance.

We announced over the P.A to report to the medical office, and then set them up right in front of first aid. This included a protest doof with artist ‘Lunar’ banging out funky psy.

People were parodying doing nangs with normal balloons, while others were lining up for vaccinations and getting fluids squirted in their mouth by our fake doctors, who ironically, were massive Psytrance fans. One of them even ripped her lab-coat off at one point to reveal she was an undercover Doofer in a fractal onesie!

The no-jab no play policy was successful, until the following year when a Town Court hearing saw artist ‘Terrafractyl’ come to The Town, who made Psytrance so good and so unique, it was worthy of a slot. Saying that, after his set we told him that it was that rare type Psytrance we actually loved and he replied

‘Oh that wasn’t psytrance’

Tongue firmly in cheek.

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