Front Page Of MX!

23 Sep 2011

Front page of MX magazine.

While we’d had a few articles run in Beat Magazine for our Cheeky Beat events, this was a pretty big achievement for us promo wise.

One of the original crew had the idea to contact MX, using his uni email to appeal more to a community feel instead of a professional angle.

It worked and they asked to meet us early morning in the city for a shoot. We rocked up with the monkey suits and props, made friends with the lovely photographer, and got some awesome photos.

A week later a friend who worked in the city called us in excitement to tell us we were on the front cover in full glory! The article underneath boasted a large and concerning headline ‘KILLER DAD APPEAL’, which was a bit weird, so we cut out the top half and took glory in the fact our monkeys had been printed and distributed to 40,000 people that day.

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