Town Guide

Here is some must know information for all Town residents.


Thank you so much to those interested for being a part of this vision, both creatively and sustainably. Here is our guide to enjoying the Town safely and with a community mindset.

Driving in: The roads are very windy, and there can be wildlife.  Please take your time, make sure your tires are up to scratch, and always keep your eye on the road.

Carpass: Any vehicle driving to the festival will require a car-pass.

Walk in camping and offsite car-park: All suburbs except Vanland are walk in camping.  There will be a drop off zone that is between 50-150m from camping, depending on when you arrive. We recommend packing light and sharing tents.  The driver of the car will then take the car to the nearest car-park spot.

Camping with friends: Our camping vollies are going to be running a tight ship to conserve space.  If you want to camp with friends it’s vital you arrive with them, as you won’t be able to save space.

Vibes: The Town is a family friendly and sustainable festival.  It’s focus is on community and connection opposed to hedonism.  We want to foster a truly healthy community and we appreciate your help with this and fostering a safe, family friendly and welcoming community <3

Tickets on door: There will be no tickets sold at the door.

Money/ATM: No ATM.  We are aiming to have food stalls setup with card payments but please bring cash to be safe and for general store purchases.

Dogs: No dogs allowed as requested by venue.

Kids: The Town is a family friendly festival so please be mindful of this at all times.  All children coming to site must have been selected in the ticket purchasing process from us, and not from name changes.  Please do not bring children that aren’t on our list.

Trailers, Busses + caravans  We only allow regular cars and small vans on the event site due to space limitations and logistics.  There is the caravan park across the road or camping spots nearby.

Sustainability: Please read the Sustainability Guide and bring a cup, plate and crockery, zero disposable waste, and focus on sustainable partying and good vibes. Thank you so much in advance, this is a really important part of the event.  Please also take all your rubbish home with you at end of the event too and do a final sweep.

Safe Travels: We will have a space to promote sustainable living and partying, and providing a care service for those having a hard time.

Carpooling: Carpooling page here. Please take time to post if you have room as it will really help people out.

Doors: Town gates open 9am Friday. Everyone must start leaving site at Midday Monday, and fully offsite by 2pm.

Tickets: Please bring your tickets downloaded on phone for scanning on door (no reception). Bring ID and arrive with friends if you purchased multiple tickets.

Ticket Transfers: Name Changes now closed.  Only tickets with your name and ID will be honored at the gate.

Camping:  We aim to create a Town were people share resources, and move away from individualism.  Please camp with friends, share space,and be prepared that all suburbs are walk in camping, so pack smart.  Also don’t forget to BYO Mailbox.

Food + Gas Stoves: Vegalicious, Toasted Toasties, Go with the Flo + Dolly Bus will be serving delicious healthy food all weekend. Gas Stoves are not permitted as requested by onsite Fire Response providers.

Alcohol: We allow BYO but please ask you keep it to a very social level and do not drink excessively to respect what we stand for.  A permit requirement is also that we have control over how much alcohol people bring in. Please make our job easier by not arriving with excessive amounts, or security may have to confiscate.

Intoxication:   The Town is not the place for nangs, drug culture or public usage and has zero tolerance for selling drugs. We have packed this event with so much magic and it is designed to be enjoyed naturally. Thank you in advance for understanding the importance of this.

Glass:  NO GLASS is allowed on site so please decanter your liquids into plastic or other non breakable containers.  All glass will be confiscated at the gate by security.  This is to make sure The Town is a safe space for everyone.

Ice + General Store: Available from Licola General Store, 30 second walk from the site. Please take time to support these awesome locals and buy one thing from the store.

Fire:  We will have safe set up fire pits, overseen by our Town Fire Crew (TFA).  Please do not light your own fires under any circumstances.  If you are a skilled fire twirler, please visit the inductions happening each day at the Fire Circle. Only those with inducted wristbands can spin each night.

Passouts: Please visit the General Store and support the local business however there are no vehicle pass-outs during festival. Please do not drive around the site during the event either for any reason.

Costumes/theatrics: Okay… Time to get fun, setup your house and mailbox, step into character, play games, interact, create skits, gift presents and share the love.  This event is a playground and we want you to not just play in it, but be a part of the creation.  Please try and make sure you costume is sustainable as possible and avoid things like feathers and glitter that can become litter.

Next to sustainability, this is what this event is all about. We have so many amazing things planned are excited to see what you all come up with too. We will see you all up on site beautiful people. Let’s lead the way in creativity and sustainable partying and make this one to remember, setting the tone for what we as a community are capable of.

Huge love ♥

Town Guide