Tickets + Information for those with accessibility needs


Tickets $200 – (Companion cards accepted- Cabin bed can be included  for those with physical access needs)

We are working hard to make sure The Town is an accessible event, with a big focus this year on physical accessibility. Our site, the Licola Wilderness Village, runs inclusive camps and have built their site with accessibility in mind in most areas. Paved roads run through much of the site, and 80 percent of our themed spaces have ramp access. The main dance-floor now has a  paved road next to it, is on flat ground, and has a small paved ramp going up the hill to view from.

– Accessible toilets + Showers
– Relaxing Couch Area and shady balcony area for accessibility ticket holders.
– Cabin accommodation for those with physical access needs (Just email

We can reserve space upon request.  Just email

– The stage is wheelchair accessible and we would love to hear from performers.

The cabins are prioritised for those with physical disabilities however we also welcome anyone with a disability that impacts their experience at The Town to purchase the discounted tickets and have access to the facilities, with two shady quiet zones. This is a learning curve for us and we encourage those interested to contact us with any questions and feedback. If you feel like your needs aren’t/weren’t met as well as they could be, we would love to know what we can do to continue to improve our accessibility.