April 20th. 2pm-2am.

A deeply immersive event across the whole castle grounds. Assemble your clan, gather your costumes and journey into a world of adventure, characters, dancing, feasts, arena games and immersion. 

A failed ritual has led to a collapsing of he veil between this world and the underworld. Four creatures from the abyss inhabit the castle, each with their own secret lair and agenda.  Seek them out. Master the rituals. Save the castle.

                          18+ event.

Venue + Accommodation

Kryal is just over an hour drive from Melbourne. Camping avaliable at Shadey Acres 5km down the road.


Dress to your kind, clan or as a unique character.


– Round Table adventure room.
– Rustic medieval markets with fortune tellers, crafts + food
– Funerals, Weddings + rituals in the Church
– The mind-maze and labyrinth
– Arena games, rituals + Fire.
– Round Table adventure room.
– Potion / Spell making room.
– Rustic medieval markets.
– Archery + Axe throwing
– The Church of lost souls.
– Cemetery + Maze activation.
– Torture chamber / Jail space.


– The Tavern with gypsy bands, folk + medieval punks.
– The Dragon’s Lair with live  electronic wizards.
– The Queen’s Room with  workshops + theatre.
– Bardcore Alehouse with medieval remixes.
– The Hidden Towertop with silent disco magic.

The Quest

This year the quests will be split into 5 unique and incredible quest lines made by different teams of artists, quest and escape room designers. Taking you through immersive spaces, story-telling, puzzles, actors and a true sense of adventure and discovery. Get lost in the narrative and quests, or dabble in activities, characters and shorter quests at your own pace.