So exclusive it makes the illuminati jealous

Welcome to the Elite Masquerade Ball

Where the most elite, corrupt and powerful minds meet in secret to celebrate, further our power and indulge in true decadence and ritual. Taking over the stunning Thornbury Theatre with diverse live music, word-class circus performers, illuminati initiations, cult-ritual spaces and endangered species hor’dorves. We ask all guests arrive incognito to protect their statuses and we will do our best to keep you protected from the protesters and paparazzi out the front.

At the Thornbury Theatre Ballroom.


✵ Historical art deco decor, statues + lighting.

✵ World-class aerialists, fire performers and contortionists.

✵ Hors d’oeuvres + floral arrangements.

✵ Cult realm of highest indulgences

✵ Red carpet welcome with classical musicians serenading.

✵ Fresh fluoride free water with 100 percent organic baby tears.

✵ Illuminati membership intake for special guests.

Costume Inspiration

Dainty, colourful, farmer, nature, animal, expressive, yourself.