Doofer Retirement Village + ‘The Prophecy’

03 Nov 2018

The Prophecy painting.

Our last year at Dragon Dreaming, we thought it would be hilarious to setup a doofer retirement village. We were given a tent in the lifestyle area and transformed it with interdimensional cable, arts and crafts, a shisha lounge, tanning chairs, a UV ball-pit and pop up parties for the elderly.

On the first night the legendary Mc Culkin ran an arts and crafts activity that involves cutting out and sticking doof characters onto vintage paintings of outdoor landscapes. One was made that night of a police car in a small lake, with a cop looking confused, and hippies being playful around the scene. The picture can be seen above, although by this point we’d lost a few of the hippies.

Police geting bogged.

The next day the prophecy was realised when the cops actually got bogged down by the river, after telling girls they would be fined for having their tops off. We dubbed the painting ‘The Prophecy’ and put it up in the art gallery for $10,000, with a girl trying her hardest to buy it for $200 on the last night, which we just didn’t have the heart to do. Plus, it’s worth way more than that.

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