Crunk For Christ!

31 Jan 2011

Christian Crunk Party flier. Artwork stolen.

We were asked to do a 2 hour take-over in the Video Arts lounge at Rainbow Serpent Festival. Run by Rich on Film who created film content for many of the earlier Culture Jam events. it was a punk space to challenge the overly spiritual and serious nature of the lifestyle area.

We thought it would be hilarious to run with a Christian theme and play dirty hip-hop at a festival that at the time dominated was by 4-4 electronic music. We got a bunch of priest and sexy nun outfits, organised a keg (holy sacrament) and did live sermons about ‘not giving into the evils of the techno and Psytrance on the market stage’.

People were bumping and grinding, moshing, doing sermons and exorcisms, and drinking the blood of Christ. Best of all we were right next to the Holy Cow chai tent making our scene, and the dichotomy was just perfect.

We heard feedback that people were upset reading in the booklet that Rainbow was allowing Christian events, and realised just how gullible and perfect the Doof scene was for parody.

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