BJ (Before Jam)

29 Jan 1000

Cartoon stolen from a Google image Search.

In the beginning, Culture Jam didn’t create that much, and to be honest, we’re sceptical whether old mate God did either, although the universe did certainly start with a bang.

Ideas are fascinating things. Many creatives believe they are the product of a divine imagination that we channel through practise. While religion seems to think we need to take this higher source very seriously, there seems to be a lot of evidence that it has a fucking great sense of humour.

Culture Jam was born from absurdity, from those ridiculous late night conversations around campsites where you ask ‘imagine if’, or let organic shit talk flow so freely, pure genius comes out. We believe we all have this gift when we shake off our egos and let absurdity take the wheel.

It was also born out of frustration with a repetitious festival scene that seemed to keep following formulas, instead of breaking rules.

Dark and light combined, Culture Jam was born.

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