Adopting a lot of decor!

30 Jun 2015

Loading decor into Second Story Studios.

In 2015 Revolt Artspace had to close down, and also had to workout what to do with all their awesome theatre decor. We hit up our friend Michael who owns Second Story Studios, and asked if we could rent downstairs to store it.

It was available and within days we were shipping over trucks of decor, scavenging through Revolt to see what treasures were there and were worth saving.

It was initially a situation of biting off more than we could chew, as we suddenly had massive rent to pay each month and more decor then we knew what to do with. But it also helped us level up our events and start really building a name for ourselves for epic and cutting edge set design.

We had to move warehouse another 2 times in the years that followed, which wasn’t easy, but thanks to community love we always got through it. We now we have a permanent home in Reservoir and on the positive, after moving a whole warehouse full of decor, moving a house is a walk in the park.

We are eternally grateful to Revolt for letting us take on all this decor and give it new life, and our collection has grown massively since then with custom works and recycled props from theatre companies.

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