20mm of rain on our parade

13 Jan 2018

The main dance floor. Photo by Ellen Duffy Photography.

Stacks On Festival generally had pretty good weather. The few years there had been rain it often hovered around Ceres and rained everywhere but on us, like some kind of a magic spell. This year was different.

The torrential rain was on and off all day long, which saw the site first covered in puddles, and then very soon covered in mud. The whole grass dance floor turned quickly into a mud pit and everyone’s inner child came out to play in the rain. The kids were the first to splash around in the puddles, and the adults quickly followed suit.

The subwoofers had 10cm of mud swimming in them, and once Ed Solo came on, all hell broke loose. It was tribal, wild, and a seriously epic time.

It was also an awesome reminder that the best events often have weather that is seen as ‘bad’, and that if you embrace it, there is a wild energy you just won’t get on a sunny day.

The decor needed a good clean (somehow the ball pit stayed clean though) and Ceres gardening crew were not too happy but also understood it was beyond our control. Looking back on our 8 years of Stacks On, this was certainly the most memorable.

Also at one point the sun broke and a double Rainbow appeared. Viva la Stacks On!

Double Rainbow on the second dance floor. Photo by Ellen Duffy Photgraphy.


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